China Professional Eccentric Thrust Bearing for Cone Crusher bearing bronze

Product Description

Spherical roller bearings
1. Description
Spherical roller bearing has two-row rollers, which are mainly used to carry radial load, as well as a certain single-direction axial load. This kind of bearing is of high radial load carrying capacity, thus, it is especially in the application of heavy load and virated load work condition, but it can’t be used to carry the axial load only.
2. Structure
Spherical roller bearing (20000 CC type)
Spherical roller bearing (20000 CC/W33 type)
Tapered holes spherical roller bearing (20000 CCK/W33 type)
Spherical roller bearing mounted on adaptor sleeve (20000 CCK+H0000 type)
Spherical roller bearing mounted on adaptor sleeve (20000 CCK/W33+H0000 type)

3. Features
Large rated load
Strong rigidity
Smoothly operation
Long life
High limiting speed

4. Application
Mainly used in the position that the axis easily bended and processing installation with larger errors, woodworking machinery, transmission shaft of textile machinery, aligning bearings with socket sleeve of pulley vertical type.

24571CA/W33 120x180x60 24122CA/W33 110x180x69
24571CC/W33 120x180x60 24122CC/W33 110x180x69
24571MB/W33 120x180x60 24122MB/W33 110x180x69
24026CA/W33 130x200x69 24124CA/W33 120x200x80
24026CC/W33 130x200x71 24124CC/W33 120x200x80
24026MB/W33 130x200x70 24124MB/W33 120x200x80
24571CA/W33 140x210x69 24126CA/W33 130x210x80
24571CC/W33 140x210x69 24126CC/W33 130x210x80
24571MB/W33 140x210x69 24126MB/W33 130x210x80
24030CA/W33 150x225x75 24128CA/W33 140x225x85
24030CC/W33 150x225x75 24128CC/W33 140x225x85
24030MB/W33 150x225x75 24128MB/W33 140x225x85
24032CA/W33 160x240x80 24130CA/W33 150x250x100
24032CC/W33 160x240x80 24130CC/W33 150x250x100
24032MB/W33 160x240x80 24130MB/W33 150x250x100
24034CA/W33 170x260x90 24132CA/W33 160x270x109
24034CC/W33 170x260x90 24132CC/W33 160x270x109
24034MB/W33 170x260x90 24132MB/W33 160x270x109
24036CA/W33 180x280x100 24134CA/W33 170x280x109
24036CC/W33 180x280x100 24134CC/W33 170x280x109
24036MB/W33 180x280x100 24134MB/W33 170x280x109
24038CA/W33 190x290x100 24136CA/W33 180x300x118
24038CC/W33 190x290x100 24136CC/W33 180x300x118
24038MB/W33 190x290x100 24136MB/W33 180x300x118
24040CA/W33 200x310x109 24138CA/W33 190x320x128
24040CC/W33 200x310x109 24138CC/W33 190x320x128
24040MB/W33 200x310x109 24138MB/W33 190x320x128
24044CA/W33 220x340x118 24140CA/W33 200x340x140
24044CC/W33 220x340x118 24140CC/W33 200x340x140
24044MB/W33 220x340x118 24140MB/W33 200x340x140
24048CA/W33 240x360x118 24144CA/W33 220x370x150
24048CC/W33 240x360x118 24144CC/W33 220x370x150
24048MB/W33 240x360x118 24144MB/W33 220x370x150
24052CA/W33 260x400x140 24148CA/W33 240x400x160
24052CC/W33 260x400x140 24148CC/W33 240x400x160
24052MB/W33 260x400x140 24148MB/W33 240x400x160
24056CA/W33 280x420x140 24152CA/W33 260x440x180
24056CC/W33 280x420x140 24152CC/W33 260x440x180
24056MB/W33 280x420x140 24152MB/W33 260x440x180
24060CA/W33 300x460x160 24156CA/W33 280x460x180
24060CC/W33 300x460x160 24156CC/W33 280x460x180
24060MB/W33 300x460x160 24156MB/W33 280x460x180
24064CA/W33 320x480x160 24160CA/W33 300x500x200
24064CC/W33 320x480x160 24160CC/W33 300x500x200
24064MB/W33 320x480x160 24160MB/W33 300x500x200
24068CA/W33 340x520x180 24164CA/W33 320x540x218
24068CC/W33 340x520x180 24164CC/W33 320x540x218
24068MB/W33 340x520x180 24164MB/W33 320x540x218
24072CA/W33 360x540x180 24168CA/W33 340x580x243
24072CC/W33 360x540x180 24168CC/W33 340x580x243
24072MB/W33 360x540x180 24168MB/W33 340x580x243
24076CA/W33 380x560x180 24172CA/W33 360x600x243
24076CC/W33 380x560x180 24172CC/W33 360x600x243
24076MB/W33 380x560x180 24172MB/W33 360x600x243
24080CA/W33 400x600x200 24176CA/W33 380x620x243
24080CC/W33 400x600x200 24176MB/W33 380x620x243
24080MB/W33 400x600x200 24180CA/W33 400x650x250
24084CA/W33 420x620x200 24180MB/W33 400x650x250
24084MB/W33 420x620x200 24184CA/W33 420x700x280
24088CA/W33 440x650x212 24184MB/W33 420x700x280
24088MB/W33 440x650x212 24188CA/W33 440x720x280
24092CA/W33 460x680x218 24188MB/W33 440x720x280
24092MB/W33 460x680x218 24192CA/W33 460x760x300
24096CA/W33 480x700x218 24192MB/W33 460x760x300
240/500CA/W33 500x720x218 24196CA/W33 480x790x308

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Type: Bearing
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New
Material: Bearing Steel
Package: Wooden Tray
Transport Package: Wooden Tray


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thrust bearing

Thrust Bearings in Aerospace Systems: Enhancing Aircraft Landing Gear Functionality

Thrust bearings play a crucial role in aerospace systems, particularly in aircraft landing gear, by enhancing their functionality in several ways:

  • Load Distribution: Aircraft landing gear must support the weight of the aircraft during landing and takeoff. Thrust bearings efficiently distribute axial loads, ensuring that the weight is evenly spread across the components, reducing wear and stress.
  • Shock Absorption: Landing gear experiences substantial impact forces during touchdown. Thrust bearings help absorb and dampen these shocks by allowing controlled axial movement, preventing excessive stress on the landing gear and other aircraft components.
  • Steering and Control: Some aircraft landing gear designs incorporate thrust bearings to enable steering and controlled movement during taxiing on runways. These bearings facilitate smooth turning and maneuvering.
  • Reduced Friction: Thrust bearings reduce friction between moving parts within the landing gear assembly. This not only improves efficiency but also extends the lifespan of critical components.

In aerospace applications, including aircraft landing gear, reliability and performance are paramount. Thrust bearings contribute to the safe and efficient operation of aircraft by ensuring smooth movement, load distribution, and shock absorption.

thrust bearing

Differences Between Ball and Roller Thrust Bearings

Ball and roller thrust bearings are two common types of thrust bearings, each with distinct design and functionality characteristics:

  • Ball Thrust Bearings: These bearings utilize ball-shaped rolling elements arranged between grooved raceways. They are suitable for handling lower axial loads and offer low friction and smooth operation. Ball thrust bearings are commonly used in applications with limited space and moderate axial load requirements.
  • Roller Thrust Bearings: Roller thrust bearings use cylindrical, tapered, or spherical rolling elements. They are designed to handle higher axial loads compared to ball thrust bearings. The design of roller thrust bearings allows for better load distribution, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications with significant axial loads. The different types of roller thrust bearings include cylindrical roller thrust bearings, tapered roller thrust bearings, and spherical roller thrust bearings.

The choice between ball and roller thrust bearings depends on the specific application’s axial load requirements, available space, and desired load-carrying capacity. While ball thrust bearings offer lower load capacity but smoother operation, roller thrust bearings provide higher load-carrying capabilities for heavy-duty applications.

thrust bearing

Common Applications and Industries of Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings find applications in various industries where axial loads need to be supported and managed efficiently. Some common applications and industries include:

  • Aerospace: Thrust bearings are used in aircraft control systems, landing gear, and engine components to manage axial loads and ensure precise movement.
  • Automotive: They are employed in automotive transmissions, clutch assemblies, and differential gears to handle axial loads generated by engine power transmission.
  • Industrial Machinery: Thrust bearings are crucial components in industrial machinery such as pumps, compressors, gearboxes, and machine tools to support axial loads and maintain proper alignment.
  • Marine: Marine propulsion systems, rudders, and ship components use thrust bearings to manage axial loads generated by propellers and ensure efficient maneuverability.
  • Power Generation: Gas and steam turbines, as well as generators, rely on thrust bearings to handle axial loads arising from rotational forces.
  • Mining and Construction: Heavy machinery used in mining and construction, such as excavators, bulldozers, and rock crushers, utilize thrust bearings for axial load support.
  • Energy: Thrust bearings are used in wind turbine gearboxes and hydroelectric power generators to manage axial loads during energy generation.
  • Rail and Transportation: Thrust bearings are employed in rail systems for load support and alignment in components such as bogies and suspension systems.
  • Medical Equipment: Precision medical equipment, including surgical instruments and scanning devices, may use thrust bearings for smooth and accurate movement.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, combines, and agricultural equipment often rely on thrust bearings to manage axial loads in various moving components.

Thrust bearings are essential in applications where axial forces need to be controlled, and their usage spans a wide range of industries to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

China Professional Eccentric Thrust Bearing for Cone Crusher   bearing bronzeChina Professional Eccentric Thrust Bearing for Cone Crusher   bearing bronze
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