China Professional CZPT CZPT 6710-2RS 6810-2RS 6910-2RS 6822-2RS 6922-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing near me supplier

Solution Description

Solution Description

TIMKEN CZPT 6710-2RS 6810-2RS 6910-2RS 6822-2RS 6922-2RS Deep groove ball bearing
Bearing is an important part of modern day CZPT and products. Its major purpose is to support the mechanical
rotating body, lessen the friction coefficient throughout its movement, and guarantee its rotation precision. According to the distinct
friction homes of the shifting factors, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.
        We can give deep groove ball bearing,taper roller bearing,spherical roller bearing,angular get in touch with ball bearing,needle
bearing,self-aligning ball bearing,linear bearing,pillow block bearing,wheel hub bearing,thin wall bearing,ceramic bearing,and
a lot of CZPT model bearings.
A vast assortment of applications:
• agriculture and forestry gear
• automotive and industrial gearboxes
• automotive and truck electric powered elements, such as alternators
• electric powered motors
• fluid equipment
• substance handling
• energy tools and family appliances
• textile equipment
• two Wheeler.


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Product Parameters

6000 6200 6300 6403 6800 6900 6000-2Z 6200-2Z 6300-2Z 6700-2Z 6800-2Z 6900-2Z 6000-2RS 6200-2RS 6300-2RS
6001 6201 6301 6404 6801 6901 6001-2Z 6201-2Z 6301-2Z 6701-2Z 6801-2Z 6901-2Z 6001-2RS 6201-2RS 6301-2RS
6002 6202 6302 6405 6802 6902 6002-2Z 6202-2Z 6302-2Z 6702-2Z 6802-2Z 6902-2Z 6002-2RS 6202-2RS 6302-2RS
6003 6203 6303 6406 6803 6903 6003-2Z 6203-2Z 6303-2Z 6703-2Z 6803-2Z 6903-2Z 6003-2RS 6203-2RS 6303-2RS
6004 6204 6304 6407 6804 6904 6004-2Z 6204-2Z 6304-2Z 6704-2Z 6804-2Z 6904-2Z 6004-2RS 6204-2RS 6304-2RS
6005 6205 6305 6408 6805 6905 6005-2Z 6205-2Z 6305-2Z 6705-2Z 6805-2Z 6905-2Z 6005-2RS 6205-2RS 6305-2RS
6006 6206 6306 6409 6806 6906 6006-2Z 6206-2Z 6306-2Z 6706-2Z 6806-2Z 6906-2Z 6006-2RS 6206-2RS 6306-2RS
6007 6207 6307 6410 6807 6907 6007-2Z 6207-2Z 6307-2Z 6707-2Z 6807-2Z 6907-2Z 6007-2RS 6207-2RS 6307-2RS
6008 6208 6308 6411 6808 6908 6008-2Z 6208-2Z 6308-2Z 6708-2Z 6808-2Z 6908-2Z 6008-2RS 6208-2RS 6308-2RS
6009 6209 6309 6412 6809 6909 6009-2Z 6209-2Z 6309-2Z 6709-2Z 6809-2Z 6909-2Z 6009-2RS 6209-2RS 6309-2RS
6571 6210 6310 6413 6810 6910 6571-2Z 6210-2Z 6310-2Z 6710-2Z 6810-2Z 6910-2Z 6571-2RS 6210-2RS 6310-2RS
6011 6211 6311 6414 6811 6911 6011-2Z 6211-2Z 6311-2Z 6711-2Z 6811-2Z 6911-2Z 6011-2RS 6211-2RS 6311-2RS
6012 6212 6312 6415 6812 6912 6012-2Z 6212-2Z 6312-2Z  6812-2Z 6912-2Z 6012-2RS 6212-2RS 6312-2RS
6013 6213 6313 6416 6813 6913 6013-2Z 6213-2Z 6313-2Z  6813-2Z 6913-2Z 6013-2RS 6213-2RS 6313-2RS
6014 6214 6314 6417 6814 6914 6014-2Z 6214-2Z 6314-2Z  6814-2Z 6914-2Z 6014-2RS 6214-2RS 6314-2RS
6015 6215 6315 6418 6815 6915 6015-2Z 6215-2Z 6315-2Z  6815-2Z 6915-2Z 6015-2RS 6215-2RS 6315-2RS
6016 6216 6316 6419 6816 6916 6016-2Z 6216-2Z 6316-2Z  6816-2Z 6916-2Z 6016-2RS 6216-2RS 6316-2RS
6017 6217 6317 6420 6817 6917 6017-2Z 6217-2Z 6317-2Z  6817-2Z 6917-2Z 6017-2RS 6217-2RS 6317-2RS
6018 6218 6318 6422 6818 6918 6018-2Z 6218-2Z 6318-2Z  6818-2Z 6918-2Z 6018-2RS 6218-2RS 6318-2RS
6019 6219 6319 6424 6819 6919 6019-2Z 6219-2Z 6319-2Z  6819-2Z 6919-2Z 6019-2RS 6219-2RS 6319-2RS
6571 6220 6320 6426 6820 6920 6571-2Z 6220-2Z 6320-2Z  6820-2Z 6920-2Z 6571-2RS 6220-2RS 6320-2RS
6571 6221 6321  6821 6921 6571-2Z 6221-2Z 6321-2Z  6821-2Z 6921-2Z 6571-2RS 6221-2RS 6321-2RS
6571 6222 6322 6700 6822 6922 6571-2Z 6222-2Z 6322-2Z  6822-2Z 6922-2Z 6571-2RS 6222-2RS 6322-2RS
6571 6224 6324 6701 6824 6924 6571-2Z 6224-2Z 6324-2Z  6824-2Z 6923-2Z 6571-2RS 6224-2RS 6324-2RS
6026 6226 6326 6702 6826 6926 6026-2Z 6226-2Z 6326-2Z  6826-2Z 6926-2Z 6026-2RS 6226-2RS 6326-2RS
6571 6228 6328 6703 6828 6928 6571-2Z 6228-2Z 6328-2Z   6928-2Z 6571-2RS 6228-2RS 6328-2RS
6030 6230 6330 6704 6830 6930 6030-2Z 6230-2Z    6930-2Z 6030-2RS 6230-2RS 
6032 6232 6332 6705 6832 6932 6032-2Z 6232-2Z     6032-2RS 6232-2RS 
6034 6234 6334 6706 6834 6934 6700-2RS 6800-2RS 6900-2RS  6812-2RS 6912-2RS   
6036 6236 6336 6707 6836 6936 6701-2RS 6801-2RS 6901-2RS  6813-2RS 6913-2RS   
6038 6238 6338 6708 6838 6938 6702-2RS 6802-2RS 6902-2RS  6814-2RS 6914-2RS   
6040 6240 6340 6709 6840 6940 6703-2RS 6803-2RS 6903-2RS  6815-2RS 6915-2RS   
6044 6244 6344 6710 6844 6944 6704-2RS 6804-2RS 6904-2RS  6816-2RS 6916-2RS   
6048 6248 6348 6711 6848 6948 6705-2RS 6805-2RS 6905-2RS  6817-2RS 6917-2RS   
6052 6252 6352  6852 6952 6706-2RS 6806-2RS 6906-2RS  6818-2RS 6918-2RS   
6056 6256 6356  6856 6956 6707-2RS 6807-2RS 6907-2RS  6819-2RS 6919-2RS   
6060 6260 6360  6860 6960 6708-2RS 6808-2RS 6908-2RS  6820-2RS 6920-2RS   
6064 6264 6364  6864 6964 6709-2RS 6809-2RS 6909-2RS  6821-2RS 6921-2RS   
6068 6268 6368  6868 6968 6710-2RS 6810-2RS 6910-2RS  6822-2RS 6922-2RS   
6072 6272   6872 6972 6711-2RS 6811-2RS 6911-2RS  6824-2RS 6924-2RS   
6076 6276   6876 6976     6826-2RS 6926-2RS   
6080    6880 6980      6928-2RS   
6084    6884 6984      6930-2RS   
6088    6888 6988         
6092    6892 6992         
6096    6896 6996 

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Our Benefits:
one. World-Course Bearing: We offer our customers with all sorts of indigenous bearing with globe-course good quality.
two. OEM or Non-Stand Bearings: Any requirement for Nonstandard bearings is Very easily Fulfilled by us thanks to its huge expertise and links in the business.
3. Genuine products With Excellent Top quality: The firm has constantly proved the 100% top quality goods it offers with legitimate intent.
four. Right after Product sales Service and Technical Help: The company offers soon after-sales service and technical support as per the customer’s requirements and wants.
5. Rapid Shipping and delivery: The business gives just-in-time shipping and delivery with its streamlined offer chain. 

one. Samples quantity: 1-ten PCS are offered. 
two. Totally free samples: It depends on the Model No., materials and quantity. Some of the bearings samples need to have consumer to
    pay samples demand and shipping cost. 
three. It truly is far better to start off your order with Trade Assurance to get complete defense for your samples order. 

The custom-made Symbol or drawing is satisfactory for us. 

one. MOQ: 10 PCS regular bearings. 
2. MOQ: 1000 PCS customized your brand name bearings. 

OEM Policy
1. We can printing your brand name (emblem, artwork)on the protect or laser engraving your manufacturer on the defend. 
two. We can personalized your packaging according to your style
three. All copyright possess by consumers and we promised will not disclose any info.


1.What is the bare minimum buy quantity for this solution?
    Can be negotiated, we will try our ideal to satisfy client needs.Our company is primarily dependent on wholesale sales,
    most customers’orders are a lot more than 1 ton.
two.What is your most current delivery time?
    Most orders will be transported in 7-15 days of payment being gained.
three.Does your company have good quality assurance?
    Sure, for 1 many years.
4.What is the competitiveness of your company’s goods when compared to other companies?
    High precision, large velocity, low sounds.
5.What are the rewards of your firm’s providers compared to other firms?
    Solution concerns online 24 several hours a day, reply in a well timed fashion, and provide numerous paperwork necessary by
    customers for customs clearance or income. one hundred% right after-income service.
6.Which payment approach does your organization help?
    Do our ideal to fulfill buyer wants, negotiable.
7.How to contact us quickly?
    Make sure you send out us an inquiry or concept and depart your other make contact with details, this kind of as phone quantity,
     account or account, we will contact you as soon as feasible and provide the detailed info you need.
       Please really feel free of charge to contact us, if you have any other issue


Kinds of Ball Bearings

There are a lot of varieties of Ball Bearings available on the market place, but which one is very best for your software? Here, we will discuss the variances in between Angular get in touch with, Single-row, Substantial-carbon metal, and Ceramic ball bearings. These types of bearings also attribute races, or a groove in the middle of every single. These races are crucial in retaining the balls contained inside of the cylinder. They also provide a groove-baed pathway.


The ceramic ball employed in ball bearings has several rewards. It is light-weight, operates at decrease temperatures, has diminished skidding, and is resistant to electrolysis. The ball also exhibits for a longer time tiredness daily life. All of these variables make the ceramic ball a great selection for numerous purposes. But, how do you know if a ceramic ball bearing is appropriate for your software? Study on to learn why ceramic ball bearings are a far better choice than metal or stainless metal ones.
The ceramic balls are 40% a lot more dense than metal. This implies less centrifugal drive is produced on the bearing, which suppresses heat technology. Since of this decreased friction, ceramic bearings are far more successful at transferring vitality. Compared to steel bearings, ceramic balls have longer life spans. Nonetheless, these ceramic balls are not as powerful as steel. Therefore, it is important to comprehend the constraints of the ceramic ball bearing ahead of acquiring 1.
The ceramic materials used for ball bearings are resistant to micro-welding. Metals endure this approach when imperfections in the surfaces interact. Eventually, this outcomes in a brittle ball that decreases the existence of a bearing. In contrast to metals, ceramic resources have a stable actions at high temperatures and show significantly less thermal growth. This indicates that they can be employed for programs in which lubrication isn’t really an choice.
Whilst metal balls can effortlessly take up contaminants and overseas particles, the ceramic ball is insensitive to this, and does not call for lubrication. This signifies they’re not inclined to corrosion and other typical issues. These are just a few motives why ceramics are a much better choice. This technology has a extensive variety of employs. It is easy to see why it is so popular. If you’re looking for a new bearing for your software, be sure to make contact with an AST Programs Engineer. They can evaluate your functioning conditions and likely failure modes.

Angular make contact with

An Angular Contact Ball Bearing (also acknowledged as an angular-contact bearing) has an axial part that is created when radial loads are applied. They are normally used in pairs, triplex sets, or quadruplex sets. These bearings are also available with Tremendous Concluded Raceways to lessen sound and improve lubricant distribution. Angular speak to ball bearings have numerous design models, this kind of as bore size, outer diameter, and outer ring width.
A solitary-row angular contact bearing has a radial speak to angle that is equal to the angular distance between the two rings. Double-row angular bearings are created for two-way thrust capacity. These sorts of bearings can be acquired at Grainger and other on the web stores. A normal angular make contact with bearing will previous up to a million revolutions. They are frequently utilized in industrial angular contact bearings.
One-row angular make contact with ball bearings attribute a set get in touch with angle. These bearings can assistance radial and axial loads, but they are unable to face up to substantial speeds. Single-row angular make contact with ball bearings may possibly also have a single or two shoulders relieved. Thrust load is a stress positioned on the bearing when it is set up in an assembly, and it is utilised to produce an angle between the races.
Angular contact ball bearings appear in single and double-row configurations. They differ in the axial load they can have and the type of lubrication they use. Angular get in touch with ball bearings are best for high-velocity apps and can accommodate both radial and axial loads. The kind of speak to and lubrication utilised in angular-make contact with ball bearings is dependent on the supposed use for the bearing.

Higher-carbon steel

Carbon steel is a reduced-alloy and large-carbon metal used in bearings. This material gives exceptional energy and fatigue houses for ball and roller bearings. Its mechanical homes are ideal for programs the place the temperature is significantly less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. High-carbon metal is also utilized to make bearing elements for chrome steel bearings. These varieties of steels are softer than chrome metal but supply exceptional sturdiness in programs in which the content is exposed to significant problems.
Hardened carbon steel balls with an AISI 1015 hardness index are utilized in a variety of automotive, industrial, and semi-precision purposes. In addition to automotive apps, they are also utilized in slides, trolleys, and conveyors. AISI 1015 carbon metal balls are utilised in bearings. They can be acquired in a variety of weights and diameters. Carbon metal balls can also be bought in nickel-plated or uncoated types for attractive needs.
In buy to determine no matter whether a ball bearing is made of substantial-carbon metal, the substance need to be tested for its hardness. An common pocket magnet will perform properly, but an ordinary unusual earth magnet is not powerful enough to measure the hardness. If it draws in the magnet strongly, the metal is steel, while a weak magnet implies a non-ferrous substance. A hardness examination calls for a particular microhardness take a look at.
A decrease-carbon steel is one more alternative. Some miniature bearing makers use a material with significantly less carbon than AISI 440C. This content is also acknowledged as KS440 or X65Cr13. After getting warmth-dealt with, it develops smaller sized carbides, resulting in outstanding low-sound characteristics and the same corrosion-resistance as 440C. These supplies are a much less costly option than chrome steel, but they are usually considerably less resilient than chrome alloy steel.


Single-row angular make contact with ball bearings accommodate axial masses in one particular direction. These are normally adjusted against a second bearing. Unlike other ball bearings, they are non-separable and have an higher and decrease shoulder. One-row ball bearings are manufactured of Chromium Metal (GCr15) which is warmth-dealt with to attain substantial uniform hardness and exceptional dress in resistance. They are the most generally utilised variety of bearings in the world.
Due to the fact of the angular make contact with between the radial aircraft and the raceway, solitary-row ball bearings transmit radial forces from raceway to raceway. A higher a, the increased the axial load carrying potential of the bearing. One-row angular contact ball bearings are best for large axial hundreds. Nonetheless, they have limited preload abilities and have to be mounted in pairs. Therefore, they are ideal employed for applications exactly where axial forces need to be distributed.
Single-row ball bearings can be pre-lubricated and have steel shields. They are also accessible with rubber seals or snap rings on the outdoors edge. They are obtainable with numerous retainers, which includes pressed metal cages, plastic shields, and rubber seals. A tapered bore is also obtainable on ask for. They are ideal for programs where place is restricted. The 6200 sequence of bearings are particularly well suited for electrical motors, dental hand instruments, and optical encoders.
Single-row angular speak to ball bearings are extensively utilised for axial hundreds. The outer and internal rings have slightly larger radii than the balls. These bearings can accommodate substantial speeds and minimal torque. They can also be provided with various grease amounts. If grease is essential, you can pick a lubricant that has distinct characteristics dependent on the application. They are simple to install and maintain. Even so, they are not advisable for adjacent mounting.


A plastic ball bearing is a highly functional ingredient that can be mounted in a range of components, which includes wheels, pulleys and housings. The outer ring of a plastic bearing is generally the pulley profile. The interior ring can be manufactured of a shaft or polymer. The integrated design of a plastic ball bearing helps to decrease assembly time and value. Listed here are some of the benefits of this kind of bearing:
1st and foremost, plastic balls are lighter than metallic balls. They also have significantly less magnetic houses than metal balls, making them the very best selection for applications requiring low excess weight and sound. Glass balls are also lighter than stainless steel balls, generating them the ideal metal-totally free choice. They are also extremely corrosion-resistant, which makes them a wonderful selection for some programs. In addition to getting lightweight, polymer ball bearings are also tranquil. And simply because of their reduced fat, plastic ball bearings are perfect for applications that demand quickly speed.
Yet another benefit of plastic bearings is their potential to endure large temperatures. This substance is also abrasion and corrosion-resistant. It satisfies Fda and USDA acceptance requirements. Apart from its abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant qualities, these plastics do not transfer heat. Apart from being really resilient and adaptable, most plastics are also self-lubricating. Typical plastics consist of phenolics, acetals, nylon, and extremely high molecular excess weight polyethylene. Nevertheless, plastics have restrictions, and these materials could be broken by severe temperatures or chilly circulation underneath weighty masses.
Other rewards of plastic ball bearings consist of their minimal density, higher hardness and low friction coefficient, and capability to face up to heat and corrosion. Ceramics are also lightweight, non-conductive, and have superior resistance to friction. These merchandise can stand up to temperatures up to 1,800 levels Fahrenheit. If you are in the market for a plastic ball bearing, it’s critical to select the correct sort of substance. And if you happen to be hunting for a substantial-quality bearing, seem no even more.

China Professional CZPT CZPT 6710-2RS 6810-2RS 6910-2RS 6822-2RS 6922-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing     near me supplier China Professional CZPT CZPT 6710-2RS 6810-2RS 6910-2RS 6822-2RS 6922-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing     near me supplier

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